Monday, January 18, 2010

Adventures with Baby (part 2)

We have had many fun adventures with Baby since she entered our lives.  Gabe has been so sweet with her and takes care of her as though she were a real baby.  He has put band-aids and ice packs on her "boo-boos" and has given her hugs and kisses.  When he first got her, Gabe took her everywhere, along with her pretty pink stroller.  He pushed her in stores, restaurants, the doctor's office, the park, and even the library.  I found it very humorous to fold and load her stroller in the car as I did so many times for Gabe when he was younger.  On one trip to the library, Gabe took Baby inside and had her select his books to check out.  He used her hand to pick up each book and then when he was finished, he sat her next to him on a couch and read to her.  A few days later he sat down in the living room with Baby and taught her how to write her name.  He used hand over hand to "teach" her.  

As the newness has worn off, he has opted to take her to fewer places, but on occasion still requests her presence when we plan to go somewhere.  Just recently he wanted to take her to my mom's house.  They stopped at McDonald's on their way and Gabe insisted on taking Baby inside.  Gabe was wearing his big, black Harley Davidson jacket and my mom said it was quite comical to see him in his motorcycle jacket pushing his little baby doll around the restaurant.  The thought makes me laugh!  Gabe is a well rounded child indeed and in touch with his more sensitive side.  He loves cars, trucks, motorcycles and of course, his "Baby."  

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