Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby Brother

By now most of our friends and family are aware of our most recent and exciting news... we are expecting a new addition to the family in early November!  We are very excited and of course can't help but feeling a little nervous as to what this momentous change will mean to our family.  

We had a prenatal screening at 13 1/2 weeks and things looked great according to the sonogram.  It was breathtaking to see our new little one in action.  At only 13 weeks, we could already see the tiny and perfect hands and feet in action.  The doctor stated that he was 98% positive that this was another BOY!  How exciting!  I think others who had convinced themselves that this new baby would be a girl were a bit in shock upon hearing the news, but I knew!  I knew almost immediately that I was carrying a son.  Mother's instinct?  Perhaps.  We will have another sonogram around 18-20 weeks and we will probably receive a 100% determination at that time on the sex and wouldn't it be hilarious if we were wrong, but I don't think so... it's a boy and his name will most likely be Jonah.  

We were uncertain as to how to explain such a complicated milestone to Gabe.  We bought a book written specifically for children and used that to guide us in our explanation.  Gabe seems to understand the basics and even talks about his "baby brother."  He says things like, "Baby brother is growing!" and "Baby brother in November."  One day he smiled at me and even said, "Baby brother play trains!"  I love seeing him excited about this life changing news!  One thing that completely cracks me up is when we discuss the baby growing in my tummy.  Each time this is mentioned, Gabe lifts up his own shirt and looks at his own tummy with a puzzled look on his face.  I keep reassuring him that the baby is growing in MOMMY'S tummy and NOT his!  Bruno also jokes that Gabe probably wonders when and why mommy ate a baby (because how else would it get in my belly?)  Who knows what Gabe is really thinking about all of this, but he seems to be excited in his own way and more accepting of the news than I expected.  I think he will be in complete shock when baby brother does finally make his appearance!  It will no longer be the "Gabe show" all day every day in our home, but this will be good for Gabe as well as for his father and I.  We feel quite blessed!  

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