Friday, September 4, 2009


Gabe had his 5 year check up yesterday (better late than never).  We saw a new pediatrician that we loved!  Gabe did well for the visit (which was much more lengthy than the few short minutes he is used to spending in the office when ill).  We attempted a hearing test, but Gabe just did not understand the concept of raising his hand when he heard the beeps.  When it was time for the vision test, I wondered if that too would be a colossal failure.  Gabe, however, did wonderful!  He was able to identify the pictures and symbols that the children's eye chart is made up of (as opposed to letters like adults are used to seeing).  His answers were so funny.  Instead of hand, he said "glove," which made sense since it was an outline of a hand filled in with no fingernails or knuckles or any of the typical characteristics that define a hand.  (Most kids do respond with "hand.")  This just goes to show how literal his mind works.  Then, when asked to identify the top picture, which was a ship, Gabe responded, "Mayflower!"  Everyone burst into giggles, including the nurses and other staff.  They said it was the first time they had ever received that response.  I can completely see where Gabe was coming from, though, because the picture was of an old sail boat that very much resembled The Mayflower.  My funny, literal boy!  He never leaves us in want of a little humor!  

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