Friday, August 21, 2009


We have a new pet in the Cavazos household.  Fin is a beautiful teal-colored Beta that Gabe picked out himself.  We were a little hesitant about bringing Fin home with us, knowing our son may not understand how to properly care for a fish (like the fact that you can't take it out and hold it or put it inside your tepee).  It turns out, we might should have evaluated our decision a little more closely.  

Yesterday, as I dried my hair in the back room, Gabe was left with some unsupervised time and used his free time in typical Gabe fashion.  I walked out to check on him and found scissors and an opened ice pack sitting on the kitchen counter next to Fin's bowl.  The ice pack had already melted quite a bit from being used earlier in the day and the watery, gel-like contents were spilled out all over the counter.  There was also a spoon in Fin's bowl, leading me to conclude that Gabe had emptied the gel (and who knows what else) into the bowl and then stirred it up with the spoon.  Sadly, Fin was barely moving and looked like he may be on his last leg, or last-"fin."  

I called my husband in a panic because I had actually grown quite fond of this fish and didn't want to see him suffer.  Long story short, I was able to save Fin and he is unbelievably still swimming strong this morning!  Hooray!  

I don't know if Gabe understands that he hurt poor Fin, but I hope his visit to "time out" got his attention enough to think twice before trying to use Fin's bowl as a place to create his own concoctions.  

Cheers for Fin, who has survived Hurricane Gabriel and lived!  

In the words of Dory, from Finding Nemo, "Just keep swimming!"  

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