Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gabe ate tacos! Wait... WHAT?

Yes, you read the title correctly.  Gabe ate tacos.  While this may not sound like very exciting news and hardly worthy of a blog post, it is in fact a milestone.  My boy who eats the same things every single day and rarely branches out, not only tried something new, but ate a variety of textures AND mixed them together!  THIS, my friends, is exciting stuff!  There was no bribery involved, no ABA tactics applied, and not a single tantrum... just a crazy mom snapping pictures and cheering after each bite.  (I am sure the tables around us did not appreciate this milestone as much as we did.)  

An interesting thing occurred before the tacos arrived.  As we sat munching on our chips and salsa, Gabe suddenly shot out of his seat and raced across the room.  I was several steps behind him by the time he reached the opposite end of the dining area and climbed up in an empty booth.  (Of course, everyone in this area of the restaurant is staring at this scene, including me... I am completely baffled.)  He then points to a picture located just out of his reach and says, "Lightning!  Lightning broke the house!"  Sure enough, there is a flash of lightning in this picture that is striking a house.  Only my son with his eagle eye vision would notice this tiny detail in a small picture located on the OPPOSITE end of the room from where we are sitting.  Gabe's unique abilities and thought processes  never cease to amaze me.  

Oh, and let's not forget the real reason for this post... The boy ate tacos!!!

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