Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Mailman... Santa Clause or Personal Shopper?

Gabe thinks the mailman is Santa Clause.  (Well, Gabe doesn't really understand who Santa Clause is, but that's the best comparison I could come up with).  A few weeks ago, we ordered some Trucktown books (Gabe's favorites) online and then made a big production about their arrival in the mail.  His face and excitement were priceless when his beloved books arrived!  

Now whenever Gabe sees something that he wants, he proudly declares that the mailman will bring it!  He is quite sure of this fact.  He even goes so far as to state that the mailman will bring things we run out of, like his favorite snacks.  In Gabe's world, we no longer need to visit the grocery store (or any stores) because the mailman is now his personal shopper.  Anytime Gabe spots a toy that he likes, he runs to his father and I to let us know that the mailman will bring it.    He is especially excited about a special "Expo Dry Erase Eraser" that should arrive later this week.  (His new "Expo" obsession is a whole different topic, worthy of it's own post).  

Gabe is awaiting many things to arrive via the mailman.  When we check the mail and sadly none of his requests have arrived, he goes completely "postal" (yes, clever pun intended) and then tells us that "maybe the UPS man or maybe the DHL man or maybe the FedEx man will bring it.")  

My boy is a firm believer in the parcel service industry.  

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