Sunday, August 23, 2009

First Communion

We had an exciting day this past Sunday.  We joined a church!  We are very excited to have finally found a church home.  Gabe did such a great job of standing with us in the front of the church as we were welcomed as new members.  He did shout out "Chicken Little" once, but it was when the congregation was still singing and I don't think too many people heard him.  

A very special moment occurred a few minutes before we were asked to join the pastor in the front to confirm our membership.   As communion was winding down, the wonderful lady in charge of the special needs accommodations brought Gabe into the sanctuary.  I had no idea that she was going to take Gabe to the front and let him share in the communion experience, but she did and it was one of the sweetest moments I have witnessed.  The pastor knelt down  to be eye level with Gabe and presented him with his wafer (gluten-free, no less).  Gabe took it and did everything just perfectly, as if he had taken communion a dozen times.  He didn't flap, run or spin and didn't laugh inappropriately or yell something out that is completely random (not that it would have mattered).  My eyes teared up as I watched my sweet boy take part in this special sacrament.  I feel certain the moment also touched the pastor, who witnessed my tears when he looked up to see Gabe go take his seat with his family.  The pastor later commented on what a special moment it was for him to meet Gabe for the first time and be a part of his first communion experience.  It was indeed a special moment for all involved, but most importantly for Gabe, who is made in God's perfect design.  The adults in Gabe's life may not always know how best to reach him, but God will always know exactly how to reach his precious heart.   

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  1. This is so cool Staci! What a wonderful story and such an amazing example of God sovereignty.