Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gabe's Super Bowl & Taco Party!

A very special "conversation" that I had earlier this week with Gabe led to a family decision that we should have a Super Bowl party! (see previous post titled, "What Did You Do At School Today?" for details) We asked Gabe what we should have to eat during our Super Bowl party and he said, "tacos!"  So we prepared all week for our "Super Bowl and Taco" party.  Gabe seemed genuinely excited about this event.  We had a good laugh when my mom asked him who he wanted to win the game... the Colts or the Saints and he responded, "the tacos!"  I posted this on Facebook and found that quite a few people agreed with him.  

The big day finally arrived and Gabe seemed to enjoy helping me print off pictures of Saints logos and other paraphernalia for him to cut out and hang up around the house as decorations.  My parents arrived right before kick off, armed with an arrangement of Saints themed balloons that Gabe loved!  He was delighted to have both the balloons and his grandparents attending his party.  We ate tacos and cheered on the Saints to a sweet victory!  It's fun to do things every now and then that include Gabe and still feel "normal."  We had a great time!

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