Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stinky Toots (part 2)

Several months ago, I blogged about Gabe's new found awareness of potty humor (see post titled, "Stinky Toots.") You may recall that I celebrated this as a milestone since potty humor is so socially appropriate in boys his age. Unfortunately, he didn't really take off with this new sense of humor and we haven't heard any new attempts at jokes... until yesterday!

Last night, Gabe was upstairs playing with "Rocky," his talking and dancing dump truck. (This fact alone is exciting because he rarely plays with toys appropriately OR entertains himself independently. So, hooray, Gabe!)  I went upstairs to check on him and smelled a not so pleasant odor as I approached him.  I said, "Gabe, did you toot?"  He responded, "Yes.  Excuse me." A few seconds passed and Gabe looked right at me with a mischievous grin on his face and said, "NO!  Rocky had a stinky toot!"  He then laughed hysterically!  

He told a joke! This is HUGE!  Those closest to Gabe have been seeing glimpses of his sense of humor for awhile now, but this was a real, concrete example of trying to tell a joke!  I love it! 

(Gabe is sitting next to "Rocky" in this picture.  Now you know who the guilty culprit was in his joke)  ;)

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