Friday, February 5, 2010

Lemon Horns!

Gabe's WONDERFUL teacher, Miss Julie, shared a cute story with me today.  She said that yesterday she was playing with another student and held two cups (one red and one green) up to her head and called them "Christmas horns."  She didn't even realize that Gabe was paying attention to them, but apparently he was because he walked up to her today with two yellow cups held up to his own head and said, "Miss Julie, lemon horns!"  

I was so excited to hear this story!  So many positive things were occurring at once!  This was spontaneous on Gabe's part as opposed to some of the more rigid and ritualistic tendencies he often exhibits.  It was also creative!  He didn't use the SAME colored cups that Miss Julie had used and he came up with his own description of "lemon horns."  I was also touched that he said his teacher's name to get her attention.  We just began working on this skill in his home ABA program this past week and he picked up on it so quickly!  

One thing Autism has taught me is to take nothing for granted!  Even the simplest stories like this one are filled with things to be thankful for and celebrated!  Who would have known I would someday be so incredibly excited about "lemon horns?"  

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  1. I love it!!! Your last few blogs make me so happy, Gabe is such a bright boy!