Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day at "Taco Banana"

Personally, I am not a big fan of Valentine's Day, but it made for a very relaxing weekend for Bruno and I. We were able to attend a double feature and go to a nice dinner on Saturday while Gabe hung out with his grandparents. Even though we were attempting to take a "break" from all things Autism for the day, we still managed to select a movie with an unexpected Autism theme. We saw Dear John and there are two characters in the movie that are on the spectrum. Bruno and I both were moved to tears several times throughout the movie and not because of the love story, but instead because of the deeply personal connection to the Autism theme.  What a great movie selection for our "break" on Valentine's Day!  Next time, I will do a little more research.

Gabe left the sweetest message for Bruno on his cell phone on Sunday morning. (Gabe is still obsessed with phones and calling people and has already MEMORIZED Bruno's number!) Although heavily prompted by Neena, the message was still adorable! Gabe said, "Happy Valentine's Day, Daddy! I love you!" You could then hear Neena in the background say, "Do you want to call mommy next?" Gabe replied, "No!"

Unfortunately, our actual Valentine's Day consisted of taking Gabe to an after hours clinic because he is still sick! This is getting ridiculous. He has been sick almost nonstop since the new year began. I have been diligent in giving his vitamins and probiotics and yet he remains sick. I am disappointed that we have to give antibiotics since they tend to do a real number on Gabe's gut and increase all kinds of negative behaviors. I am ALSO very disappointed that this continued illness, along with 10 days of antibiotics will prolong the wait to get his testing done!!!

It was time for dinner when we left the clinic so we decided to make a quick stop for tacos (Gabe's new favorite meal). We asked Gabe where he wanted to eat and he replied, "Taco Banana!" We had a good laugh over that and took Gabe to eat a Valentine's meal at Taco Banana on our way home.

The above picture is of the sweet poster that Gabe made for us with the help of his Neena. It helped make up for the refusal of leaving me a sweet message like the one he left for Daddy. :)

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  1. I giggled out loud when I read, "do you want to call mommy next?" "NO!" HA!
    Antibiotics suck, but sometimes they're the only option. Keep up the probiotics and remember that even if Gabe's gut gets a little messy, it'll come back in time!