Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Waiting Game

Other than following the GF/CF (gluten and casein free) diet and a few basic supplements for Gabe, we have not been pursuing a biomedical approach.  This is completely my fault.  We have dabbled with things here and there for the past few years and have seen several doctors that treat Autism through a biomedical approach, but I have never completely followed through with the recommendations that these doctors made.  Sleep deprivation, depression, stress, and not having a natural inclination to understanding science (i.e. just not smart enough) are a few of the factors that have inhibited my follow through.  However, despite these past inhibiting factors, I am now very motivated and excited to venture into the biomedical world and begin treating the possible digestive, immune, detoxification and biochemical disorders that plague many children with Autism and may also affect Gabe.  

I am super excited about a new DAN (Defeat Autism Now) doctor, Dr. Cavazos, that we met with this past week.  (No, we are not related to him, we just happen to share the same last name.)  During our initial consult with Dr. Cavazos, we decided to start with some testing to check for any food allergy triggers, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, gut dysbiosis (bad bacteria in the gut, including yeast), and strep titers.  We are choosing to check into these particular issues first based on symptoms that Gabe already exhibits.  I am anxious to get started, but we are waiting on a particular test that Dr. Cavazos was out of and had to order for us.  It should be arriving this week and then we will take Gabe to a lab to have blood drawn and send off the tests.  Now that I am FINALLY motivated to delve into this aspect of Gabe's treatment, it is difficult to wait patiently for the tests to be done and the results to be returned.  

I felt good after meeting with our new DAN doctor and feel like he will help us put a plan of action into place that will lead to some positive results.  I already feel very positive about the other things we are doing to help Gabe.  We have an incredible speech therapist, occupational therapist, and an in-home ABA team that are AMAZING!  Gabe is also in an incredible school program that is almost too good to be true.  He is mastering goals so quickly that we have to meet before his annual ARD to create new goals and objectives for him to work on.  His teachers, aides, and school therapists are all terrific.  I am hoping that by finding and treating the physical issues affecting Gabe, we will be helping him to excel in his progress and reach his absolute fullest potential.  I am hopeful and excited and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our final test so that we can begin!

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