Sunday, February 7, 2010

I chopped off my hair!?!?!

I chopped off my hair!  It REALLY needed to be cut.  Gabe is obsessed with pony tails and has been telling me daily to put my hair in a pony tail.  I thought it was cute at first and just a part of his obsession, but I think even he was realizing that my hair was getting shaggy and looked better up.  :)  

I didn't have the intention of chopping so much of my hair off when I made the appointment, but decided to go for it once I was sitting in the chair!  Not only did I get it chopped, but the stylist also straightened it.  I wondered what Gabe would think about it since the finished product was drastically different  from my usaul "do" and since he is so obsessed with my hair, especially my bangs and pony tails for whatever reason.  

His face was hilarious when he first saw me!  He initially lost his smile and really seemed to study me for several seconds.  He then said, "straight" and flashed a smile.  Bruno asked him if mommy's hair was pretty and he said, "yes."  So, I guess he's OK with the change.  I am still adjusting.  :)

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